Medical cannabis has been legal in Canada since 2001 and over 350,000 Canadians are medical cannabis patients. Legalization of recreational cannabis in late 2018 has driven down stigma considerably, driving more and more patients to seek therapy through medical cannabis. Canada is fast becoming a leader in medical cannabis research as forward-thinking companies and advocacy groups seek new solutions. This program aims to focus both the corporate role in the medical cannabis research as well as identify ways not-for-profits and advocacy groups are taking charge in research and development.

Keynote: Peter Aceto, CEO, CannTrust

Panel Discussion:

  • Dr. Siân Bevan, Chief Science Officer, Arthritis Society

  • Dr. Karen Lee, VP Research, MS Society

  • Monica Kocsmaros, Director, Marketing + Communications, The Ontario Lung Association

  • Blaine Pearson, Co-Founder & COO, Business of Cannabis (Moderator)

Medical Cannabis Week launched in 2018 with all programming located in Toronto. Now in its second year, Medical Cannabis Week is expanding its reach to one of the most dynamic, cannabis research and development regions in Canada - Atlantic Canada. This event highlights the research as well as the spirit of partnership developing in the sector in Atlantic Canada.

Panel 1: Industry Research

  • MODERATOR: Jay Rosenthal, Business of Cannabis

  • Alex Kroon, President of Clinics, Canada House

  • Dr. David Joly, Universite de Moncton

  • May Nazair, Zenabis

  • Dr. Douglas Smith, Founder + Chief Medical Officer, Tidal Health

Panel 2: Clinical Trials

MODERATOR: Jay Rosenthal, Business of Cannabis

  • Dr. Keith Brunt, Associate Professor Pharmacology, Dalhousie University; Adjunct Professor Business, University of New Brunswick; Translational Scientist, New Brunswick Heart Centre; Chief Scientific Officer, NBBM Inc., Dalhousie Medical School - Saint John

  • Dr. Eileen Denovan-Wright, Associate Dean Professor Pharmacology, Dalhousie Medical School - Halifax

  • Aurelia De Pauw, VP of Clinical Trials, Tetra Bio Pharma

  • Barry Strack, Regional Director of Research Services, Horizon Health Network

  • Dr. Brigitte Sonier Ferguson, Regional Director - Research, Scientific Development, and Training, Vitalité Health Network

Panel 3: Health + Applied Research

  • MODERATOR: Jay Rosenthal, Business of Cannabis

  • Dr. Jalila Jbilou, Research Professor, School of Psychology, Université de Moncton; Centre de Formation Médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick, Université de Moncton

  • Dr. Yang Qu, Cannabis Health Research Chair, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, University of New Brunswick

  • Danielle Connell, Business Development Specialist, Mitacs

  • Dr. Diane Botelho, Chief Science Officer - RPC; Adjunct Professor - UNB Chemistry, Research & Productivity Council

  • Dr. Melanie Kelly, Tetra Bio Pharma

Innovating in the Medical Cannabis Space is a way to highlight the unique innovations happening in the Canadian sector as well as the legal implications and considerations when innovating in the sector. The first panel will be innovators and the second panel will include legal implications and considerations.

Panel 1: The Innovation Panel

  • Andrew Muroff, Strainprint Technologies

  • John Prentice, Ample Organics

  • Rob Adelson, Resolve Digital Health

  • Michael Kadonoff, Braingrid

  • Michael Litchfield, HelloMD

  • MODERATOR: Michelle Bilodeau, Journalist

Panel 2: Legal Considerations for Technology and Innovation in Medical Cannabis

  • Leah Rodin, Patent Agent, Blakes

  • Tricia Kuhl, Partner, Blakes

  • Melanie Baird, Partner, Blakes

  • Mary Jane Richards, Associate General Counsel, Shopify

  • MODERATOR: Robin Linley, Blakes

The opening evening will be the first of a series called Medical Cannabis Talks - a series of short, focused presentations on varying aspects of medical cannabis, from technology and innovation to animal health, cannabis and sport and research. The talks will be in one of two formats - either 5-minute talks presented by an individual speaker or a 7-minute, one-on-one interview-style fireside chat.

The line up of speakers includes:

Pamela Hadfield, Co-Founder, HelloMD
John Prentice, Founder & CEO, Ample Organics
Stephanie Karasick, Founder, Strainprint Technologies
Diane Scott, CEO, Jamaican Medical Cannabis Corporation + Jay Rosenthal, Business of Cannabis
Dr. Evan Lewis, Director, Neurology Centre of Toronto
Nadine Hare + Emily Simmonds, Fresh Squeezed Ideas
Strategy Associate, Fresh Squeezed Ideas
Dr. Lyle Oberg, Chief Policy + Medical Officer, Flowr
Janet Yale, President + CEO, The Arthritis Society + Jay Rosenthal, Business of Cannabis
Dr. Ian Sandler, DVM, Co-Founder + CEO, Grey Wolf Animal Health
Shekhar Parmar, Founder + CEO, Harvest Medicine
Chris Churchill-Smith, CEO, Canada House Wellness Group
Robert Frid, Executive Director, Medicinal My Way + James O'Hara, Past President + CEO, CFAMM